EPTech Solutions
Aerospace Electrification Technologies
Our Mission
EPTech is an aerospace consulting firm specializing in aircraft electrification with expertise in electric propulsion, electric power control, management and power electronics technologies. Our experience is built on decades of hands on involvement and technical leadership advancing the SOA of high efficiency electrical and electromechanical power systems and overseeing their implementation on the latest breed of more electric and electric propulsion airplanes.

Our mission is to provide innovative technical solutions, R&D and trade studies for power system architectures and design of high efficiency power electronics systems with production, qualification and certification advice.
About Us
Efficient Power Tech Solutions, LLC (EPTech) was founded by Dr. Waleed Said, a recognized expert in the field of Power Electronics and Motor Controls with long career aerospace.  As a contributor to the early More Electric Airplane research initiatives, Waleed is one of the few pioneers in the electrification of aircraft systems. He recently led a major development of electric propulsion for hybrid electric aircraft.

Furthermore, EPTech prides itself at possessing long and detailed hands-on expertise in high efficiency power circuit topologies utilizing conventional Si based IGBT’s, MOSFET’s and power hybrids.  EPTech is perfectly positioned to review and provide expert advice on clients’ Technology Roadmaps, Technology Maturation, R&D Strategies and proposal evaluation.
EPTech provides technical consulting and assistance in the design, development, troubleshooting and failure investigations in the highly technical fields of:
• Electric Propulsion, including trade studies, Hybrid Architectures, Batteries, Super Capacitors
• High Efficiency Power Systems Architectures CF, VF, HVDC and Hybrid Architectures
• Variable Speed Constant Frequency (VSCF) Power Conversion and Controls
• Clean Power Quality and Unity Power Factor Conversion Techniques
           - AC/DC — Passive 12 and 18 Pulse rectification and Active Rectification and Filtering
           - DC/AC — Clean sinusoidal Power Inverters
           - AC/AC — Highly Efficient Bidirectional AC/AC Conversion Topologies and Controls
           - Field Oriented Control and Modulation Algorithms for Sinusoidal Low Torque Ripple Drives
           - Power Inverter EMI Compliance— Conducted and Radiated Emissions and Susceptibility
• Modern Electrical Loads and Utilization Equipment
           - Aircraft Main Engine and APU Start/Generate ConvertersPower Drives for Variable Speed Highly Efficient Compressor, Pumps and Fans
          - Topologies and Controls Techniques for Induction and Synchronous Motors (PM Brushless, Wound Rotor and Switched Reluctance)
          - Power Electronics and Controls for Electromechanical Actuation Systems such as Flaps and Slats, Electric Thrust Reversers and Electric Brakes
         - Battery Chargers
• Field Returns and Qualification Failure Investigations
        - Non-Advocate Reviews
        - Fault Trees
       - Failure Replication Design of Experiments (DOE)